Speech Sound and Fluency Disorders can be treated via teletherapy and/or in-person in the therapy room.


How we produce specific sounds with our mouths. Articulation disorders often involve substitutions of one sound for another (/w/ for /r/ as in “wabbit” for “rabbit”) or sound distortions, such as a frontal or lateral lisp. Most children can say almost all sounds correctly by the age of 5.


How we use individual sounds in the context of language. Children with phonological delays/disorders frequently exhibit consistent patterns of sound substitutions or omissions. For example, children with the phonological pattern of “fronting” consistently produce sounds made with the back of the tongue  (like /k/ and /g/) with the front of the tongue; so, /k/ becomes /t/ (“cup” sounds like “tup”) and /g/ becomes /d/ (“game” sounds like “dame”). The more phonological patterns a child exhibits the more difficult they are to understand. If a 3-year-old isn’t able to be understood by strangers about 75% of the time (90-100% for 4-year-olds) then a speech assessment should be recommended.

Tongue Thrust (myofunctional disorder)

Occurs when the tongue protrudes out of the mouth or forcefully against the back of the front teeth when swallowing or talking. Children with a tongue thrust often present with errors of particular sounds, such as lisping of /s/ and /z/ sounds. Interdental Lisping is an atypical process after the age of 5 and lateral lisping is never considered a typical process and should be remediated with speech therapy.

Fluency (Stuttering)

This is frequently referred to as “stuttering” and is characterized by a disrupted flow of someone’s speech, such as repetition of sounds and words and frequent pauses in someone’s speech.

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